‘Open and Collaborative Science for Development Network’ (OCSDNet) was designed as an action research network whose 12 researcher-practitioner teams explored the question of whether “open science” could serve as a tool for transformative development thinking and practices. The network investigated 

1. The broad range of institutional and social-political conditions in which knowledge production and sharing take place 

2. The historical and political importance of situating openness as a praxis instead of a set of technical conditions

3. The common and distinct community values and principles of equitable knowledge production and sharing across communities

4. Possible pathways of unsettling the current global knowledge systems, leading to a more pluralistic world or where multiple worlds co-exist.

Funded by IDRC in Canada and DFID in the UK from 2015-2018, the project continues to grow with the existing partners, and the outcomes from the research are having policy influence, particularly the OCSDNet Manifesto:

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