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Equity Lab

Co-creating more diverse and equitable knowledge futures


What is the Knowledge Equity Lab?

Trans-disciplinary, Experimental Space

An inclusive, trans-disciplinary, experimental space based at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Research & Practise Hub

research & practise hub housing collaborative projects that investigate & challenge multiple forms of exclusion within the highly unequal structures of knowledge production & exchange


community of diverse knowledge makers taking collective action to reimagine and re-make knowledge systems that enable different ways of knowing, living, and being,


Our Goals

Community Infrastructures

Advance the principles & practices of community-based & community-governed infrastructures 

Collaboration & Partnerships

Nurture opportunities for collaboration & partnerships with diverse & under-represented knowledge makers 

Cultivate Diverse Knowledges

Center diverse knowledge systems & multiple ways of knowing as a framework for research and practise 

Experiential Learning

Provide experiential learning opportunities to students and community partners

Co-Create & Claim Spaces

Co-create inclusive and equitable spaces; claim spaces especially in places of institutionalized power and privilege


Featured Initiatives

Bioline International

Open and Collaborative Science for Development

Open Praxis Forum

Open Science & the Decolonization of Knowledge

Knowledge 4 Change Tkaronto Hub

Digital Equity & Inclusion in COVID-19


Unsettling Knowledge Inequities

The Unsettling Knowledge Inequities podcast features conversations with diverse and multigenerational knowledge holders. Episodes aim to interrogate the politics of knowledge production and circulation and the global power dynamics that shape it – as well as highlight alternative models and collaborations between distinct knowledge traditions.

From Our Listeners

“This was so interesting & important. The need to unlearn so many systems & build in equity from the start. So much of the agenda in research outputs is set by STEM and big publishing. “Knowledge by Whom? Knowledge for Whom?” Thanks @KnowEquityLab


“I learnt so much from this episode and this podcast in general. Really inspired by Dr Tumwine’s work of 20+ years, his storytelling, and his call for global action to reduce knowledge & health inequities against the backdrop of the current pandemic.”


 “I just listened to Episode 2: Centering Indigenous Knowledge: Lil’wat Principles of Teaching and Learning, a fascinating and practical insight into centering Indigenous Knowledge in education contexts.”

JESS Oddy,
Rethinking Education NEWSLETTER

Recent Publications

Chen, George, & Chan, Leslie. (2021). University Rankings and Governance by Metrics and Algorithms

Chan, Leslie; Hall, Budd; Piron, Florence; Tandon, Rajesh; Williams, Wanósts’a7 Lorna (2020). Open Science Beyond Open Access: For and with communities, A step towards the decolonization of knowledge

Hillyer, Rebecca; Albornoz, Denisse; Posada, Alejandro; Okune, Angela; & Chan Leslie (2020). Toward an Inclusive, Open, and Collaborative Science: Lessons from OCSDNet


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