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About OCSDNet

‘Open and Collaborative Science for Development Network’ (OCSDNet) was designed as an action research network whose 12 researcher-practitioner teams explored the question of whether “open science” could serve as a tool for transformative development thinking and practices. The network investigated 

  1. The broad range of institutional and social-political conditions in which knowledge production and sharing take place 
  2. The historical and political importance of situating openness as a praxis instead of a set of technical conditions
  3. The common and distinct community values and principles of equitable knowledge production and sharing across communities
  4. Possible pathways of unsettling the current global knowledge systems, leading to a more pluralistic world or where multiple worlds co-exist.

Funded by IDRC in Canada and DFID in the UK from 2015-2018, the project continues to grow with the existing partners, and the outcomes from the research are having policy influence, particularly the OCSDNet Manifesto:

Network Meetings & Conference Presentations

OCSDNet Research Associate Denisse Albornoz at OpenCon 2018 presenting on Reimagining Open Science Through a Feminist Lens.
OCSDNet Principle Investigator Leslie Chan presenting at COAR conference on Open Access in the Global South
ICTD 2015 Network Workshop (June 2015) – Singapore, Singapore
Network Meeting (February 2016) – Bangkok, Thailand
Proposal Development Workshop (October 2014) – Nairobi, Kenya

2018 SPARC Innovator Award

The SPARC Innovator Award is an initiative that recognizes an individual, institution, or group that exemplifies SPARC principles by working to challenge the status quo in scholarly communication for the benefit of researchers, libraries, universities, and the public. SPARC Innovators are featured on the SPARC Web site semi-annually.

“Insights from OCSDNet’s partnerships in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia have been translated into numerous reports, conference presentations, and will be in an upcoming book, Contexualizing Openness, to be published in an open-access collection by University of Ottawa Press this fall. The network also produced an Open Science Manifesto outlining key principles to ensure inclusivity.

For its contributions to promoting diversity in Open Science and representation of the Global South, the SPARC has honored OCSDNet with its June 2018 Innovator Award.”

Photo of members of the OCSDNet team (from left to right: Becky Hillyer, Angela Okune, Alejandro Posada, Denisse Albornoz, Leslie Chan)