Unsettling Knowledge Inequities

Introducing Unsettling Knowledge Inequities, a new podcast series exploring issues related to the politics of knowledge production, exchange and circulation and the structural, global power dynamics that shape it.

The Unsettling Knowledge Inequities podcast is presented by the Knowledge Equity Lab and SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition).

This podcast is produced by Safa Shahkhalili from the Rethinking Development podcast and studio.

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About Unsettling Knowledge Inequities:

What do equitable systems for creating & sharing knowledge look like? Which types of knowledge are valued? Which are excluded? Who decides? These are some of the questions that will be explored in our inaugural 5 part series with knowledge holders from Canada, Peru, Nigeria, Uganda, USA, and more. New episodes will launch every Tuesday between February 23 and March 23, 2021.

In our first episode, ‘Knowledge by Whom? Knowledge for Whom?’ we speak with Leslie Chan from the Knowledge Equity Lab, Nick Shockey from SPARC, as well as 3 younger generation members of the Lab : Kanishka Sikri, Blessing Timidi Digha, and Denisse Albornoz. They reflect on what knowledge equity means to them, how and why they are committed to working on realizing it through systems change, what that might look like, knowledge translation for social justice, and much more.


Episode 1

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