Bioline International

Bioline International,

Established in 1993 in the early day of the Web, this long-running initiative provides an open-source platform to make visible scientific journals published in the Global South. These journals have been rendered invisible due to an indexing system controlled and designed by powerful entities to favour knowledge from the North. The questions we were interested in were: 

  1. Whether “Open Access” would enable global South journals to bypass this key structural barrier;
  2. Whether South-South flow of knowledge could lead to the decentering of the North as the “centre” of knowledge production and legitimation 
  3.  Being a largely volunteer-supported and highly distributed global collaboration, how could the infrastructure and processes of production and circulation be sustained? Specifically, what would be the appropriate funding models for initiatives that contribute to a global knowledge commons?
Barbara Kirsop, one of the founders of Bioline International, spoke about why Bioline was established and its significance over the years.

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