The Knowledge G.A.P

The Knowledge G.A.P, is a collective of student and early-career researchers investigating the geopolitics of academic knowledge production. The overall goal is to better understand the various mechanisms and power dimensions through which structures of inequality and exclusion are actively produced, reproduced and embedded in the global academic publishing system. We further examine the implications of such inequalities in regards to diversity of knowledge, cognitive justice, equitable collaboration and sustainable development at large. Questions include

  1. Why knowledge in development studies are over-represented by scholarships from the global North
  2. What are the structural inequalities and systemic barriers that configure the unequal structuring of academic production
  3. How does openness in the digital environment further entrench existing inequalities? (Using the concentration of publishing oligopoly as a case study)
  4. What are the tools and frameworks that would allow us to uncover the structural inequities within the knowledge production system
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