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“How Universities Cannot Respond to Global Crises”: A Lecture by Professor Michelle Stack

“How Universities Cannot Respond to Global Crises” is a lecture event hosted by the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union (SCSU) in collaboration with the Diverse Solidarity Economies (DISE) Collective, Africana & Feminist Political Economy, Canada Research Chair (CRC), and SSHRC. This event will be held on Thursday, December 1, 2022, at SL 232 (located on the second floor of the Student Centre) from 6 to 8 PM. Refreshments will be provided.

Poster of the lecture "How Universities Cannot Respond to Global Crises" by Prof. Michelle Stack

If the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic are any indication, universities are not as equipped as they should — and could — be to respond to global crises. Join Michelle Stack, Ph.D. for a spirited discussion about the role that universities perform during periods of global crisis, and how they can better fulfill their institutional responsibilities in such times.

About the Lecturer

Michelle Stack, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Educational Studies. Her research investigates the ways in which we categorize people, knowledge, and institutions, and how these categorizations affect our ability to address inequity.

For her innovative courses (covering topics like knowledge translation and equity and intergenerational and community-engaged learning) and deep-rooted commitment to student advocacy, Dr. Stack has been awarded the Killam Teaching Prize. She has also received the Public Humanities Hub’s inaugural Public Engagement Award for her contributions to expanding academic discussions as a public scholar. Alongside colleagues from the Global North and the Global South, Dr. Stack has focused the last three years on exploring the potential that campus cooperatives present in providing students, staff, and faculty with democratic decision-making and food, job, and housing security.

See you on December 1 for this important conversation with Dr. Stack!

For more information about this event or the topic, please contact Amrith David, VP Academics and University Affairs at SCSU, at