March 8-11, 2021 | Global & International Health Week

The University of Toronto Scarborough‘s annual Global and International Health Week is returning virtually this year the week of March 8-11, with the theme Pandemic Perspectives!

In partnership with the Knowledge Equity Lab’s OpenPraxisForum, students from the IDSC11 Global & International Health Issues class will be presenting their multimedia exhibits, each focusing on critically analyzing how particular players and issues have addressed the COVID-19 pandemic.

The schedule for the student presentations and accompanying events are as follows:

  • MAR 8: 1-2 PM EST: Fact or Fiction? Myth-Busting COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories
  • MAR 10: 1-3 PM EST: Gates Foundation: Global Saviour or Guardian of Corporate Interests?
  • MAR 10: 4-6 PM EST: Untold Stories of Civil Society Actors: Unifying Communities Across the Globe
  • MAR 11: 11 AM – 12 PM EST: IMF/World Bank: A Modern Day Trojan Horse?
  • MAR 11: 7-8 PM EST: Africa CDC: A Solution For Africa By Africa

On MAR 9: 3-4 PM ESTMandekh Hussein (UTSC Alumni, Lecturer at Brunel University, and Primary Care Strategy Consultant) will give a talk on Trust and Health Inequities in Primary Care. Mandekh will speak about the barriers to accessing primary care; the importance of strategically analysing the delivery of primary care; and the significance of entrenching relationship building and trust formation in order to address health inequities.

On MAR 9, the Unsettling Knowledge Inequities podcast will be releasing Ep. 3 featuring Editor of the African Sciences Health Journal, James Tumwine. Listen and subscribe to new episodes here:

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